Team Global

Team Global is a technology holding company.

Team Global emerged from the predecessor company Team Europe in June 2021.

Our mission is to deliver a better future via technology.

Our main areas of interest are Digital Technologies, Clean Aviation & Clean Energy.

Our core portfolio consists of Spreadshirt, Volocopter, Micro-Mobility (Bird, Dott, Voi), Miles Mobility, Enpal, Archer, Incari, Zapata, Theion and HB11.

We are supporters and minority shareholders in about 40 more private digital/ tech companies.

We are passive investors in multiple tech oriented venture funds; active at Apollo Health Ventures.

We support SFN Kassel, SFN Deutschland - Schülerforschungszentrum Nordhessen and SFN Deutschland enables kids to work scientifically to develop various skills and self-esteem.

Our heritage lies in building internet companies and funds, e.g.studiVZ, Mister Spex, brands4friends, Käuferportal/AroundHome, Sponsorpay/ Fyber, Gruenderszene, Point Nine Capital, and Delivery Hero.

Please join or support our journey.